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Grace Note for December 24, 2015

Oh, you say, had I been there at Bethlehem that night I would have seen it was the Christ child. Would you? There is one way of knowing: Ask yourself what you have seen and heard this Christmas Season.

When you watched the news did you see chaos and strife, or did you see sheep without a shepherd. When you went out shopping did you see only hordes of people, or did you notice the worried expressions on some of their faces—worried because they are facing this Christmas without employment or enough money and they don't know how they are going to make ends meet.

Did you hear only the blast of music and carols, or did you hear the silent sighs of the lonely and the bereaved who may be dreading Christmas because it accentuates their loneliness.

If you did in fact hear the cry from the lonely, if you saw the sheep without a shepherd, then you might have noticed what took place in Bethlehem that night. If you lack spiritual sight and hearing then you probably would have been with the 99% who were present but who saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary. In the end perhaps one of our carols words it best: No ear may hear his coming, but in this world of sin. Where meek souls shall receive him still, the dear Christ enters in. Amen.

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