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Grace Note for December 27, 2015

A sales representative for a large national company, was driving his new sales manager around town, so his new boss could become familiar with the area. They happened to pass near the sales representative’s home. So he asked the new sales manager if he would like to stop by sales reps house and meet his family. His wife was baking an apple pie, and his children would be coming in from school. Would he like to meet them?

“Let's get one thing straight right now,” the manager replied. “I'm not interested in your family. I'm not interested in your wife or your children. I'm not interested in you personally at all or any of the circumstances of your life. All I'm interested in are results. All I'm interested in about you is your sales record!”

The sales representative thought “That really hurt. I felt as though someone had slapped me across the face, but you know I realized something. I realized that God is the opposite of that! God is interested in my home and family. God is interested in my wife and children. God does care about me personally. He is interested in all of the circumstances of my life.” And that is the good news of Christmas.

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