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Grace Note for December 30, 2015

A little boy wanted to meet God, but he knew it would be a long trip, so he packed a suitcase full of Twinkies and cans of root beer. He had only gone a few blocks when he saw a woman, sitting on a park bench, she looked sad and lonely. So the boy sat down next to her, opened his suitcase, took out a package of the Twinkies and offered it to her.
She took it and smiled at him. Her smile was so warm and wonderful that the boy wanted to see it again, so he offered her a can of root beer. Once again, she took it and smiled at him. The boy was delighted. They sat there all afternoon, eating the Twinkies, and drinking root beers, without saying a word to each other.
As it grew dark, the boy realized that he had to leave. But before he left, he turned to the woman and gave her a big hug. She gave him the biggest smile of all.
When the boy got home, his mother noticed how happy he seemed. So she asked him what he had done all day. He told her: “I had lunch with God. And you know what? She has the most beautiful smile that I've ever seen.”
Meanwhile, the woman returned to home. Her son noticed how happy and contented she seemed so he asked her why she was so happy. She said: “I sat in the park and ate Twinkies with God. You know, he's much younger than I expected.”

At Christmas we meet God anew and he is much younger than we expect. God came to earth at Christmas as the baby born in the manger.

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