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Grace Note for December 4, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a far-away land ruled by a vicious king. His iron hand reached into every corner of his subjects' lives. Every corner - except one. Try as he might, the king couldn't destroy their belief in God.

In his frustration, he finally summoned his advisors and asked: “Where can I hide God so the people will end up forgetting about him?”

One suggested hiding God on the dark side of the moon. This idea was debated, but was voted down because the advisors feared that their scientists would one day discover a way to travel into space and God would be discovered again.

Another suggested burying God in the deepest part of the ocean. But there was the same problem with this idea, so it was voted down.

One idea after another was suggested and debated and rejected. Until finally the oldest and wisest advisor said, “I know, why don't we hide God where no one will ever even think to look? If we hide God in the ordinary events of people's everyday lives, they'll never find him!”

And so it was done. And they say people in that land are still looking for God - even today.

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