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Grace Note for February 12, 2016

Everyone knows that the best form of advertising ever invented and the one that is still most successful is word-of-mouth — people telling other people. About fifty years ago there used to be an automobile named the Packard. Packard was the last car manufacturer to get into advertising. It didn’t happen until after old man Packard died, because whenever he was approached to buy some advertising for his cars he always said, “Don’t need any; just ask the man who owns one.” After Packard’s death, “Ask the man who owns one” became the Packard slogan.

Jesus Christ is also known through word-of-mouth advertising. That’s how the word about him gets out. Only the Shepherds at the first Christmas heard the good news from angels. Only the Wise Men were led by a Star. Just a comparative few were touched by miracles. Almost everybody came to know Jesus Christ by word of mouth; by somebody else telling them about Jesus. How are you doing at sharing Christ by word-of-mouth?

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