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Grace Note for February 3, 2016

Until the final exam, Fred had not excelled on any of the tests or homework assignments. He was simply known as a football player who did not fare well in the classroom. The professor realized this and accepted Fred’s poor academic record without comment until he ended up acing the final exam.

The professor knew Fred sat beside a good student during the test and clearly suspected that Fred had cheated off this good student. The professor’s suspicions were confirmed when he compared their exams. Fred only missed one question on the exam and it was the same question missed by the good student. The professor called Fred into his office and confronted him about the cheating. Fred defended his test results and denied that he had cheated until he was shown the two exams. Both students missed question number thirty-five. The good student had simply answered, “I don’t know.” Fred’s answer was, “I don’t know either.”

Cheating may be attractive idea. What harm is there in getting through something that we find too hard to handle on our own. But even if you don’t get caught like Fred did, you will always know that you have cheated, and the one you really cheat, is yourself.

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