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Grace Note for February 7, 2016

In the midst of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, one of the most respected voices for racial harmony and human dignity has been that of Bishop Desmond Tutu. But even the closest colleagues of Tutu are sometimes distressed by the bishop's tolerance and moderation. They wish he would be more aggressive with his opponents. One of them said, “At his age you'd think he would have learned to hate a little more. But there is this problem with Tutu: he believes literally in the gospel.” What he was saying, in effect, is that Tutu knows who he is, remembers his baptism. He knows the gospel story, and he will not change the script.

How about you, do you literally believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you believe to the point at which you will resist the ever present temptation to cut corners in your faith by giving certain things less time than they require? Or will you remain firmly committed to God’s Word and Will for your life and not “change the script”?

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