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Grace Note for February 8, 2016

A teen-age boy told his parents he was going to run away from home. “Listen, I'm leaving home. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I want excitement, adventure, beautiful women, money, and fun. I'll never find it here, so I'm leaving. Just don't try to stop me!”

As he headed for the door, his father leaped up and ran toward him. “Dad,” the boy said firmly, “you heard what I said. Don't try to stop me. I'm going!”

“Who's trying to stop you?” answered the father, “I'm going with you!”

Are there things you find missing from your life? For many the answer is “Yes!” You only have to look at our lifestyles to see that this is true. People find their job isn’t fulfilling so that change jobs. People aren’t happy with their two year old car, so they buy a new one. People aren’t happy in their marriages, so they get a divorce, and often quickly enter into another eventually unhappy marriage.

What’s the problem? When we do this we are trying to change our circumstances, often without first trying to change ourselves. You see true happiness is not out there in the world some where or even just around the corner. Happiness is found inside each of us when we let the joy of the Lord be our strength for dealing with whatever life sends our way.

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