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Grace Note for January 14, 2016

The great preacher and story teller, Fred Craddock, once told a parable about a man who moved into a cottage equipped with a stove and simple furnishings. As the sharp edge of winter cut across the landscape, the cottage grew cold as did its occupant. He went out back and pulled a few boards off the house to kindle the fire. The fire was warm, but the house seemed as cold as before. More boards came off for a larger fire to warm the now even colder house, which in return required an even larger fire, demanding more boards. In a few days the man cursed the weather, cursed the house, cursed the stove, and moved away.

The futility that man felt is the futility of those who try to live in God’s world without God in their lives. God is the source of all that was, is and ever shall be; so how can we do anything or live anyway without giving God the center place in our lives? The answer is we can’t. As we have begun this New Year, let us all examine what place we have given God in the past, in our present, and where we will place God in this New Year.

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