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Grace Note for January 24, 2016

According to a study by Purdue University, words are just as mighty as deeds when it comes to parents passing on religious beliefs. The study appeared in an issue of the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.

This study found that children were more likely to adopt their parents' beliefs when they had a clear understanding of what the parents believed. Lynn Okagaki, an associate professor of child development and family studies at Purdue, who conducted the study, asked questions of 58 female and 36 male students between the ages of 18 and 25. “We found the accuracy of a child's perception of parent's beliefs is affected by all of the things that a parent does. This includes taking the time to explain their beliefs and encouraging the child to participate in activities the parents think support those beliefs.”

No wonder Moses in the Old Testament book of Exodus instructed the Israelites to talk about the Ten Commandments with their children when they got up in the morning, as they went about their daily routines, and as they went to bed at night. When it comes to our religious faith actions do not necessarily speak louder than words. What speaks the loudest is when our actions and our words are consistent.

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