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Grace Note for January 4, 2016

It is commonly believed that when Christopher Columbus left Spain, he did not know exactly where he was going. When he set foot on the shores of America, he did not know where he was, and when he returned to Spain, he did not know exactly where he had been. In the early days of a New Year of continuing our own voyages to new experiences, it will be to our advantage to arrive at a vision somewhat clearer than that of Columbus.

Know where we are going. Have plans and goals for the New Year that are realistic and attainable. Dream big, but plan logically. Know where we are. Are we now at the point we had hoped to be? Are we closer to God now than we were last week, last year? Knowing where we are going is easier if we know where we are.

Know where we have been. It is important to know that wherever we have been, we have been in a state of grace. We have come this far in life, not solely by our own efforts or by luck, but by the seen and unseen action of God in our lives.
It is good to know where we have been, to know where we are, and where we are going.

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