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Grace Note for January 6, 2016

From the FOR BETTER OR WORSE comic: The family is sitting around the breakfast table and father says, “Well, here we are in a brand new year. I think we should all make some resolutions, don''t you?”

MOTHER: “O.K. I resolve not to criticize, to nag less and to bake more often.”

FAMILY RESPONSE: “Right on! Neat! Yeah!”

FATHER: “I resolve not to lose my temper, and to fix all the things in the house that need repairs.”


ELIZABETH: “I resolve to brush Farley (the dog), to keep my room clean and not to fight with Michael.”


MICHAEL: “I resolve to play road hockey, hang out with my friends, and to watch more TV.”

MOTHER: “Wait a minute! We all made real promises. Your resolutions are worthless.”

MICHAEL: “I know…but at least mine will be kept!”

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