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Grace Note for January 8, 2016

Have you ever been to a circus, not one in an auditorium or arena somewhere, but under the Big Top? If so you may have seen the elephants chained to a peg in the ground.

Did you wonder why the elephant didn’t just pull the peg out of the ground and escape. Well, as a baby elephant he was tied to a huge stake that he could not pull out of the ground. Weeks of pulling and tugging only wore a trench around the stake, and finally the baby elephant gave up. Now that the elephant is full-grown, with great strength and the ability to pull the peg out of the ground, he remembers only the past efforts and does not even attempt try.

The elephant is conditioned to failure. If you are straining forward to what is ahead this New Year, let us make a fresh start and forget the things that may have been holding us back in the past.

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