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Grace Note for November 2, 2015

Things didn't go so well during those early days of the Dallas Cowboys. The newly-formed expansion team endured some rather severe thrashings on the field. The numerous losses were often blamed on Tom Landry. His critics accused him of not having enough enthusiasm and not getting his players pumped up for the game. On one particular day the sportswriters were amazed to see the Cowboys come roaring out of the locker room and race across the field. The aggressive sports hounds caught Landry on his way to the field and asked what he said to get the players so charged up. Landry replied, “It was easy. I said, 'The last eleven guys to the bench have to start.'”

All of us have days when our enthusiasm is just not there. But for the most part, as people of faith we should be the most enthusiastic people of all. The very word enthusiasm comes from a Greek root phrase that means “in or filled with God”. God has the ability to keep us pumped up in all situations.

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