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Grace Note for November 24, 2015

How many of us have been jostled and crammed into a tiny airplane seat or, experienced travel delays caused by weather, or extra fees demanded by the airlines for overweight bags, or the tiny bag of pretzels that has replaced meals on so many flights? It seems like the collective mood on airplanes is pretty grumpy these days.

But imagine what our ancestors just a few generations ago would have said if we could tell them about our ability to fly from city to city with such ease and frequency? Now think of the many citizens of this world who cannot afford a luxury such as flight, who may not be able to freely visit family or do business across such vast distances.

Now think about the first time you looked out the window and saw the country sprawling out below you. Didn’t you feel a sense of wonder? Don’t you remember thinking, “Wow! That is unbelievable!”?

Along the way, many of us have lost the wonder of things like flying. We should try to keep things in perspective and remain thankful for the amazing things that we enjoy every day.

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