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Grace Note for October 28, 2015

Everybody likes a “clutch hitter.” You know, the player who wins the game with a crucial hit when the score is close in the last few innings. We tend to think of certain great ballplayers who seem to pull the game out of the fire on a regular basis, but statistics reveal such players only exist in our minds. Studies have determined the phenomenon of clutch hitters is simply a myth. What a hitter does in most clutch situations is pretty much what he does all the rest of the time. The statistics even reveal the top hitters in baseball actually average a thirteen-point drop in their overall batting average when the game is close in the late innings.

What occurs on the baseball diamond is no different than what happens in every aspect of life. When things are tough, the person who comes through is generally the same person who consistently comes through day in and day out when things aren’t so tough. By practicing consistent excellence every day we will not only get the job done when life is routine, but we’ll have a far greater likelihood of coming through in the clutch.

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