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Grace Note for October 29, 2015

In 1985, Hurricane Bob was reported to be headed towards Virginia. But then Hurricane Bob veered abruptly northward. A televangelist claimed he personally asked God to turn Hurricane Bob away from his Richmond headquarters. Hours later, the eye passed over New England with shocking winds on either side.

When Hurricane Bob dropped a tree on a young man’s VW, smashing the windows and letting rain fill the car, he struggled not to take that preacher's prayer personally. The insurance company refused to pay - saying his auto policy didn't cover hurricanes, and, get this, it was an act of God.

We may feel life, or somebody, or even God is out to get us. Maybe you believe circumstances conspire against you. Maybe you have cancer, or an unwanted divorce or you're nursing a sick child; or maybe you're out of work, or struggling with addiction, or mental illness. God isn't out to get you or anybody else. It's nothing you necessarily did or said. Suffering is built into this world. Sure, we have responsibility—smoking cigarettes gives cancer, actions have consequences—but life itself can hurt.

Know this—God loves you, now and always. Even when you or someone you love is in pain, God is with you and them.

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