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Grace Note for October 31, 2015

Top Signs You Are Too Old to Be Trick or Treating

—Your kids, kids are going with you!
—You are so busy keeping and eye on your house that you have only been next store.
—You ordered a costume online only to find out it doesn’t fit on the night! (Happened to me, UGH!)
—You get winded from walking to the front gate.
—You ask for all natural candy only.
—When someone drops some candy in your trick or treating bag you say “it’s for the kids!”
—People say, “Great Frankenstein mask!” but you’re not wearing a mask.
—When the door opens you yell, “Trick or … ” and can’t remember the rest.
—You have to carefully choose a costume that holds your waist in!
—You’re the only Trick or Treater in the neighborhood with a walker.

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