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Grace Note for October 5

Grace Note for October 5, 2015
In a Peanuts cartoon Lucy is playing her role as psychiatrist. She sits in her booth with the sign that reads: “Psychiatric Help - 5 cents.” The sign below says, “The Doctor Is In.” Lucy says to Charlie Brown, “Your life is like a house.”

In the next frame, she says reflectively, “You want your house to have a solid foundation, don't you?” Charlie Brown has a kind of blank look on his face. Lucy says, “Of course you do.”

Charlie Brown is still silent - saying nothing. Then in the fourth frame, psychiatrist Lucy says, “So don't build your house on the sand, Charlie Brown.” About that time, a huge wind comes up and blows the booth down. Lucy, sitting in the rubble says, “Or use cheap nails.”

We should be careful about who we take advice from. If they haven’t built their life on a firm foundation, how do we expect them to help us to do so?

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