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Grace Note for October 9, 2015

Grace Note for October 9,
Identity theft occurs when a person’s social security number, credit card number, phone number, etc., is discovered by a thief who then uses that information for personal gain. In recent years people have begun purchasing paper shredders for their homes to help combat the potential of their private information being swiped from a trash can or dumpster. We should not only prepare for this unfortunate phenomenon, but we should also consider other ways we allow ourselves to be robbed of our true identity.

The Devil steals a person’s potential in Christ by convincing them they are not worthy of God’s forgiveness. He robs others through enormous outlays of guilt. The devil rips off some by using others to influence them in negative ways. We allow evil to pick us clean when we buy in to the belief that our true worth is tied to our net worth. Through fear he can prevent many from taking risks and discovering God’s elaborate plan for their life. If he can keep you confused or apathetic about your spiritual gifts, he has diluted your true identity in Christ. None of us wants to be burglarized by a sly credit card thief, but we need to look twice to make sure we aren’t being robbed by an even craftier crook.

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