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Grace Note for September 24, 2015

Grace Note for September 24, 2015
Almost forty years ago, Tom Weller's car broke down as he was driving through Southern California. A stranger stopped to help Weller and refused to accept any payment in return for his kindness. Instead, the stranger asked Weller to return the favor by stopping to help some other stranger somewhere. Tom Weller took those words to heart. For the next thirty years, he helped thousands of stranded people along Southern California's highways. He never asked for payment; instead, Tom Weller would leave behind a small business card asking each person to help someone else in need. It has become his mission in life to pass on the kindness that was once done for him. He is often referred to as the San Diego Highwayman.

This is the kind of action that causes kindness and consideration to grow and spread. Maybe we won’t feel led to take this on for thirty years, but think about this, the next kind act your perform maybe for a person like Tom Weller, who will be touched in a way that leads to a lifetime of service.

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