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Grace Note for September 25, 2015

Grace Note for September 25, 2015
What do you figure you’re worth? According to an estimate by scientists from the American Chemical Society, the total value of all the elements in an average adult body would be $1985.77. But before you settle on such a nominal fee, be sure to note what else these chemists had to say.

When you start combining the chemical properties of a human body to make complex bio-chemicals such as DNA, proteins, enzymes, and hormones, the market value increases to $6 million. The key for determining the value of a human body is based on what you examine. If you simply look at what is, rather than what could be, you’ll end up with a blue-light special. If you take the time to research all of the potential, you end up with a multi-million dollar price tag. Most every situation is like the human body—the potential is determined by what you see. Have you realized your full potential?

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