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Grace Note for September 26, 2015

Grace Note for September 26
Years ago there was a young businessman in Atlanta named Jack Stephens who got a call from a friend who was director of a local Boy’s Club asking Jack to pick up a young boy and his mother and take them to a hospital. The boy has leukemia Jack was told, and probably had only a few days to live. Since the boy’s home was only a few blocks away from his own, Jack agreed to this request. At eight that morning, the mother of the boy was sitting in the front seat of Jack’s car. The child was so weak that he was lying down, his head in his mother’s lap, his little feet resting on Jack’s right leg. After starting the motor, Jack glanced down at the boy, who was staring at him. Their eyes met.

“Are you God?” the boy asked. Jack hesitated, then answered softly, “No, son. Why do you ask?”

“My mother said God would come soon and take me away with him.” said the young boy. When we do things that show love and compassion to others, we are being God to them.

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