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Helping Hand Food Pantry

“My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive, He’s living on the inside, roarin’ like a lion,” is the chorus to a contemporary worship song written and sung by the Newsboys. We sing it on Sunday morning in early worship. It was also the theme song to the popu-lar movie, “God’s Not Dead,” that was out last year. If you have-n’t seen the movie, you should. My grandson was surprised that we had seen in, I guess because we are old fogies. I was thrilled that he had seen it.

As the youth of our church will tell you, I have been known to change the lyrics of a song to fit my needs; mainly, be-cause today’s songs have to be changed to be decent. But, this song I like to sing in my head and out loud, much to the discom-fort of those around, to these words. “My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive, He’s living in the real world, roarin’ like a lion.” Not just on the inside of us, not just the inside of the church, but out in the real world, roarin’ like a lion.

There is so much to roar about in the real world. And just where is the real world: Pinewood Drive, Merrywood, Walnut Court, Hilldale Apartments, Cedar Street, Calvert City, Bent Creek, Oak Level Road, Stilley House Assisted Living, Serenity Shores, Haiti, New York City, Orlando? Any place you pick,

You can find people who need the Lord. People who have lost loved ones, peo-ple who are sick, depressed, those who have addictions, those out of work, and those who do not know the Lord.
At Helping Hands, we are trying to let people who are suffering through poverty, addiction, divorce, abuse, and incarcera-tion know that God is not dead; He is alive and He is working right here and now. They live right here among us in our commu-nity and they need our help. We can ‘roar like a lion’ and help them through our continued commitment to Helping Hands.

Helping Hands is a full time job for Suzie, Kerry and Gene. We have many others that work selflessly. Our youth come through and help us often also. Theo and Mary Ann have joined the volunteers and are greatly appreciated. Beth Parrish is always there to help us, and we are so sorry for the loss of her son, Tom. We appreciate Barbara Ray calling us almost every Saturday with a fresh load of bread that we can pick-up. Blood River Baptist As-sociation also donates bread to us on Mondays for our work on Tuesdays.

The Garden next door, planted and harvested by First Missionary Baptist Church, is an amazing blessing. We also appreciate all the United Methodist churches in our area that donate money and food to the food pantry. We are truly working together to help our community.

Helping Hands is a blessed ministry, and we are grateful to God and to you for its continued growth. This year, we will not be having our Silent Auction in November. However, look in this newsletter and in upcoming Sunday bulletins for an auction item that you might be interested in!

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