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November 12, 2015

Had he thrown another club, Arnold Palmer may have never become a household name. While playing in the West Penn junior finals as a high school student, Palmer missed a short putt and reacted by throwing his putter over the gallery into a clump of trees.

That frustration soon vanished when he won the tournament and received a trophy. His joy of winning was short-lived, however, when he was greeted by deafening silence when he got into the family car. His father sternly said, “If you ever throw a club again, you’ll never play in another golf tournament.”

Palmer realized he had violated one of his father’s fundamental rules of life: “learning to be a gracious loser is as important as being a gracious winner.” Arnold Palmer learned a valuable lesson that day and it has stayed with him throughout his career. You can see footage of him winning and losing with grace, but you won’t find any clips of him throwing a club.

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