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November 14, 2015

Several years ago a garbage truck exploded in Virginia. The trash crew had unknowingly picked up some calcium hypochlorite, and it blew up under the pressure of being compacted in their truck. Two firemen ended up in the hospital and the poisonous gas released by the explosion forced the evacuation nearby office buildings.

We probably realize that we are surrounded by potentially dangerous chemicals every day. They pass through our community on rail cars and tractor trailer trucks, not to mention those that maybe in use with local manufacturing plants, but exploding garbage. One might expect something like this to take place outside an explosives plant, but these were swimming pool chemicals that blew up. Calcium hypochlorite is a powder form of chlorine. It dissolves harmlessly in a swimming pool water but explodes when placed under pressure.

We share great similarities with this volatile chemical. When life's pressures are not given opportunity to harmlessly dissolve, we run the risk of exploding on our families, neighbors, or co-workers.

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