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November 15, 2015

Two of the greatest preachers of the nineteenth century were Dwight L. Moody and Charles Spurgeon. Moody preached in America and admired Spurgeon, who preached in England, from a distance. Moody often remarked that he looked forward to the opportunity of meeting Spurgeon in London.

Then the day arrived and Moody knocked on the great English preacher’s door, Spurgeon answered the door with a cigar in his mouth. Moody was aghast. “How could you, a man of God, smoke that?”

Spurgeon took the cigar from his mouth, put his finger on Moody’s rather inflated stomach, smiled and said, “The same way you, a man of God, could be that fat.”

Because we are usually blind to our own vices, we are hardly qualified to judge others.

“Judge not lest ye be judged, by that measure that you measure, you shall be measured.” Matthew 7:1-3

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