Benton First UMC Blog

November 26, 2015

Today many of us will sit down to a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends. For me Thanksgiving has been transformed by the last 14 years of our nation’s history in particular the tragedy of 9-11 and the ongoing war on terror.

Do we realize that what you and I enjoy, many in the world can only dream about: life, liberty, and a chance to pursue happiness? We may even have been guilty of viewing these blessings as commonplace, and some have taken them for granted or even considered them meaningless. But Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness are expressions of a just and free society. Our forefathers understood the gravity in these words. I am beginning to. And to God, I am thankful for them. What are you thankful for today? We have been so blessed we dare not take for granted a single blessing. God bless us all this Thanksgiving Day.

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