Youth Retreats

BFUMC Youth Camps & Retreats: Each year youth from BFUMC attend a number of camps and retreats. Summer Camp provides the youth with an opportunity for in-depth Scripture study, strengthening of dynamics within the group, development of a network of friendships outside the youth's normal social circles, to participate in fun Summer-time activities, and so much more. Summer Camp in the past has seen the youth travel as far as Camp Junaluska in North Carolina to as close as Crossings at Jonathon Creek. Each Autumn the youth take part in a Fall Retreat, meant to serve as a spiritual revitalization and peer bonding experience. The Fall Retreat sees our youth taking part in study of Scripture, individual and group Bible study, and fun activities during which time the youth interact with others their age. In addition to Camps and Retreats, youth are also able to participate in Chrysalis, a weekend devoted to the youth's personal relationship with Christ.

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