Music and Praise

Do you love music? Then Benton First has a place for you! Nothing can compare to the joyful sounds of song and praise that move people to a more spiritual walk with the Lord. The ministry of music is more than just words and sounds, it is an invitation for singers, musicians, and the congregation to all worship God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. That is what the experience is about, and we invite all to join this experience regardless of the experience level in vocal music.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. ” Colossians 3:16

Please come be a part of the joyful sounds whether its ringing from the choir room or rocking contemporary christian style from the sanctuary. Follow the links to the left to learn more about all the different worship opportunities available through song and music.

Contemporary Band

Do you play an instrument?  The Benton First band is always looking for new talent to help out.  Our contemporary band leads the congregation each Sunday during our Contemporary Service at 8:30am.  We are open to introducing new talent and new instruments in addition to our current lineup of drums, piano, Hammond organ, bass, acoustic guitar, and and electric guitar.  If you play any of these instruments, or perhaps play a different instrument, we’d love to talk with you.

The Contemporary band, along with the Praise Team, meet each Thursday at 6:15 pm to rehearse for the upcoming Sunday service.  We also meet Sunday mornings at 7:00am for one final rehearsal before the service at 8:30am.

Chancel Choir

Our Chancel Choir play an important role in our Traditional Service at 10:30am on Sundays.  The Chancel Choir, through traditional hymns, choral arrangements, and congregational-led hymns, bring an uplifting and comforting sound of praise and worship to the service.  The Chancel Choir opens each service with a call to worship song and presents choral arrangements every Sunday.  In addition to Sunday specials, the Chancel Choir presents seasonal full-score Cantatas during Christmas and Easter.  This group of dedicated singers is open to everyone without audition.  

Praise Leaders

During our Contemporary service at 8:30am on Sundays, our praise leaders help lead the congregation in a mix of contemporary music and classic hymns in contemporary style.  Scott Gibbs and the Benton First live band provide the instrumental music during the service, but our praise leaders play the important role of leading and engaging the congregation.  We provide a rotating schedule of three or four praise leaders per Sunday so that each singer will only have to lead once every month or more.

Every Thursday night during the week we practice for the upcoming Sunday and also practice once more Sunday Morning before morning worship.  So if not knowing the songs is holding you back, no worries, there are plenty opportunities to practice.  We’ll even work with you on certain parts if you request!

Children's Choir/Praise Group


The Sonshine Bunch is a children’s choir for students Kindergarten - Fifth grade.  This ministry is actually tied into our Journey Program as one of the exciting stations visited during each Wednesday night’s event.  During Journey, the children are divided into two classes which are Kindergarten - Second Grade, and Third Grade - Fifth Grade.  When each class visits the choir room, our music director John Legan along adult volunteers work with the children on singing (and acting when rehearsing for our Christmas and Easter musicals).

These two groups of childrens classes make up our Sonshine Bunch.  The children spend the time in the music center learning both classic and contemporary worship songs that are performed on different occassions during our Worship Service.  When time permits after rehearsing music, it is not uncommon for us to perform short skits within the class (a favorite of the kids)!


We set aside special times throughout the year that our Sonshine Bunch blesses us through special singings and musicals such as…

  • Children’s Sabbath
  • Children’s Christmas Musicals
  • Children’s Easter performances
  • Mother’s Day special performances

Our Worship Director and other volunteers begin working with the children a number of months or weeks before the performance, depending on the amount of practice needed.  We will be sure and let you know when we begin working on performances and assigning parts, this way you can help your child with his or her parts.  This is also a great way to spend that special time with your child.  In addition, we usually send home music cd’s of any musicals we are performing, letting your child get better acquainted with the music.  We have actually had a number of parents comment on how much they enjoyed the cd’s themselves.

Special Music

We are always looking for talented people to present special music through voice or instrument on Sundays.  It is encouraging and uplifting to see a Christian share their gifts with the church, and most importantly, it brings praise and glory to God.  If you would like to present a special piece of music during one of our worship services, please let us know.  If you are a vocalist and need accompanying music by either our organist or contemporary band, we would be glad to work with you.

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