Sunday Morning Classes

We believe that church is more than just Sunday Worship Services. God did not create us to live our faith alone. We were created to connect with one another, and our Sunday School classes give us this opportunity to connect in a meaningful, loving environment. Our classes are designed to be very open and inviting, where members can connect, support, encourage, and challenge one another to live a full, rich life that God created for us. Each class strives to encourage biblical-based growth through study and service.

So if your looking for more than just a Sunday morning Worship experience, we invite you to join one of our Sunday School classes and really dive into God word. We look forward to helping you in your Christian walk and the blessings received by your presence and involvement as well. Take a look through our classes below and give us a call at the church office if you have any more questions. We can connect you to the leader of each class.

Biblical Perspectives Class

The Biblical Perspectives Class is an adult class that meets in the Crossroads classroom at the North end of the Administration Building. The members of this class enjoy learning from one another in an informal “round the kitchen table” sort of discussion of the scripture lesson and sermon or other chosen biblical topic. Most studies are stand-alone so members do not have to be in attendance consecutively in order to follow along in the study and discussion. Class members pray together and uplift and encourage one another in their daily Christian walk. Come join us anytime.

Christian Foundations Class

The Christian Foundations SS class meets in the north wing of the classroom building. Adults age 20 to 85 meet and learn from each other by sharing personal God stories or how a particular study relates to them. Studies are selected to encourage members to self-examine and grow toward Christ in a supportive environment with fellow believers. Study material used can be video-based, Christian growth books or specific studies like the parables or a particular book in the Bible. Class projects include weekend food ministry for children, shoeboxes, various community service initiatives.

College/Young Adult Class

We would like to invite any young adults, or any young adults you know, to our Benton First College/Young Adult class. While our size varies week to week with such busy schedules at this age, our class is designed to walk right in and jump in to discussion. No reading or previous class participation needed. Our class has consisted of a mix of studies in apologetics and Christian living/teaching/learning.

As a taste of our past studies, we’ve covered Proverbs pertaining to college/young adult age, a CS Lewis study of Mere Christianity, an apologetics study with Stephen Meyer on the reliability of the bible, a short Christmas study with some surprising facts about the story of Christ’s birth, a Romans Chapters 1-8 with some help from Bob Warrens Romans study book from the Hill, and now we begin a study of AW Tozers “The Pursuit of God”.

What better time to join than now as we examine how God pursues us and how we respond. We’ll be taking events in the bible and A.W. Tozers great insight, and examining them for what God is trying to tell us. What really happened when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Why did God test Abraham with the request to sacrifice Isaac? What was the significance of the tearing of the Temple veil when Christ died? We will be examining these kind of things and much more and how they are all meant to draw us closer to God. While we may have peace WITH God through our trust in Jesus Christ, we sometimes feel we are lacking in feeling the peace OF God. Come join us, or tell a young adult about us, as we follow the clues in the bible to how we can live the life God meant us to.

Seekers Class

The Seeker Class meets in the West End of the Administration building and is a small group class studying contemporary topics that focus on families and relationships.

The class utilizes video studies and in class studies so that all whom attend can actively participate in the class and not be concerned with pre-class preparation. The class is actively involved in outreach in our community through a variety of programs. The Seekers goal is to develop spiritual strengths so when called each can be the hands and feet of Jesus where needed. This adult class is open to all.

Jane Riley Christian Growth Class

This class is for all ages and their studies reflect their variety of interests. Some studies are video based, no preparation required, Scripture reading is encouraged, and individuals can participate as desired.

Studies have taken them on travels that include biblical history, geography and architecture, learning about Moses, Mary & Joseph, Jesus and Paul. Others include Methodism & John Wesley, how the Bible came to be, the teachings of Jesus, and many others.

Their goal is reflected in their name—Christian Growth. All studies help them to dig deeper into the Bible and take what is learned to help with living in today’s world. Support for one another and a caring attitude toward each other are the result of this class studying and learning together.

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