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From Your 412 Directors

All you have to do is ask any of our students that have attended Crossings Camp to find out how powerful and rejuvenating of an experience it is. Camp is a special week for 412 youth students to grow spiritually with other Christian students throughout the country, bond with their own 412 Youth family, worship in song and study, all topped off with a week filled with exciting and fun-filled activities. Feel free to check out the Crossings Camp website at for more information about camp!


While we have already reserved 30 spots for our students, we will need to have our final numbers together by March 21st to submit deposits to guarantee their spots as well as plan the number of adult chaperones we will need. While we can add students after March 21st, we cannot guarantee that their will be any more spots open for them to attend. Around a month before camp, we will have a parent informational meeting in which we will provide all parents/guardians with packets that will contain everything you need to prepare for camp.

Information Concerning Camp Changes Due To Covid

While we (as well as Crossings staff) have to plan as if we are attending camp at this time in order to prepare properly, we are well aware that there are a number of factors that may cause camp to be cancelled by Crossings or by 412 Youth . We will keep parents and students updated on the status of camp as the time approaches, but at this time we want to share with all parents,students, and guardians the changes and safety precautions Crossings staff already has currently in place. As we receive any updates, we will pass these along to you all.

An Update From Crossings Staff

In order to ensure the safety of all campers, chaperones, and staff we are planning to make some big changes to our camp schedule for this summer. Safety is a core value for Crossings Ministries, and we have exhausted every option while keeping in line with CDC and CCCA guidelines. Our goal is for you to feel confident that bringing a group to camp is as safe as it can be as well as taking every step necessary to not have to cancel a camp session.

This year, we will be introducing Tribes! A tribe is a group of approximately 50 people that will stay together throughout each day at camp. In these contact groups, you will eat and worship together, study together, compete in Crossbowl together, attend POIs together, and spend time at the rec lake together!

While camp will look different this summer, there are changes that we think your group will be excited about. One of those changes is that your group will not need to select POIs prior to coming to camp this summer. Each participant will get the chance to participate in multiple POIs each day and rotate through all of the POI’s that we are offering for the summer. We know that these changes are not what any of us necessarily want, but we are confident that with your help, we can make them all happen. Below you will find some FAQs that should be helpful. Be on the lookout for more specific information on our social media platforms as well as our camp specific group leader Facebook groups

What will a day at camp look like?

Mealtimes – Meals will be split into four separate times corresponding with the four camp colors. Each tribe will be guided by our staff through their specific line to sit at their specific tables and will be guided through proper sanitization before and after each meal.
Small/Large Group – Both small group and large group will happen within corresponding camp colors, tribes, and bible study groups. Our staff will guide each small group to and from large group and small group keeping proper distance from other groups while traveling and sitting in the worship center.
Worship Center – This year, we will be running the worship center at 50% capacity. Your tribe will rotate through the worship center staying appropriately distant from other tribes.
Crossbowl - Crossbowl will have a different look this year, as it will encompass many of your favorite outdoor POIs! Every tribe will compete in Bazooka Ball, gaga ball, and more every day.
POIs – This year, tribes will attend POIs together. This allows groups of people to have smaller contact groups. Tribes will attend two POIs a day and will sometimes have options between two POIs within a rotation. This will allow participants to experience more POIs than ever before!
Lake Time – Lake time will be split into two groups (2 camp colors in each group). The lake will be sectioned off for groups to enjoy in rotation.
Shack - Shack time will be in four locations this summer, with each location having a different menu. Each location will be available only to one camp color and will rotate each night.

Will my group need to wear a mask?
Your group will need to wear a face-covering when inside, excluding while eating and drinking. Participants will not need to wear face coverings when at the lake while participating in outdoor activities, or while sleeping, eating, or drinking.

Will my group need to be tested before arrival?
Your group will not need to be tested prior to arriving at camp. Temperature checks will be required prior to the arrival of camp and on a daily basis.

Will I need to take my group’s temperature each day?
Each participant’s temperature will be taken every day.

If a participant in my group tests positive while at camp, will my group need to quarantine?
If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, the participant’s parent or guardian should pick up, or have arranged to have picked up, the participant within 3 hours. When an individual tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify the group leaders of all participants in the tribe. The group leaders and their participant parents may decide to either pick up their child from the camp or leave the child in the camp and trust the camp to take appropriate safeguards. Crossings will keep the tribe containing the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 isolated from other tribes at camp for the remainder of the camp session. Campers will always have the option to opt-out of an activity if they are not comfortable.

Campers returning from camp should consider minimizing in-person contact with any person 65 years of age or older, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, for a period of 14 days. This includes maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet of separation from those individuals, wearing a face-covering or mask, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects with those individuals.

Crossings Health and Safety Plan

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